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Field Study: The Beekeeper`s Pond (oil on panel, 9" x 12) Camp Springs Vineyard White On White with Cardinals "Gossip Column" (Two Macaws)

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The Grace-Filled Artist: Pressing On

   "...forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus." Philippians 3:13-14.


I'm sure I will make some New Year's resolutions.  It's deep in our nature, this urge to clean house and start fresh.  But I am grateful, as a believer, that I'm not limited to my own "hoarded resources" when it comes to changing the really important issues in my universe.  My vows generally don't last until Lincoln's birthday.  But God's strength is made perfect in our weaknesses, as we continually bring them to him.   In this way we draw close to him, which is what he wants most of all.  And he pours his mighty grace into our lives, which is what we need, most of all.  Happy New Year,   from Dan and Jan.



Staying In Tune, By Grace.

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The Grace-Filled Artist: A Fresh View

     I've just redesigned my website.

     Actually, that's a stretch.  The folks at Fine Art Studio Online did all the technical things that would have sent me to Zanzidor and back (I don't even know where that is...just sounds like it's not around here).  I clicked a couple of buttons.  Take a look ( and let me know what you think. 

     While you're there, you can read my Christmas wish for you, if you like.  It's on the page, "The Freshest View Of All".  Feel free to comment. It is from the depth of my heart.



Staying in tune, by grace.

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The Grace-Filled Artist: Milestone #243 (Hide and Seek)




Painting the house, early in the process of

 "The Beekeeper's Farm":

The painting is now finished, my client is happy.

      A season completed, another one starts. I'm beginning to lose count of the chapters.  The overlap is good, but sometimes we have to invent places to breathe in between. "Life is what happens to you", John Lennon said, "while you're busy making other plans".  When there's no time to get away, how do you get away?  "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty" (Psalm 91.1).  In Psalm 46, the writer (probably David, the one who killed Goliath), talks about everything around him being in utter turmoil.  Chaos abounds.  Fear could overwhelm.  Then he pauses and says, but "there is a river"...and you can almost hear the gentle waves lap against the shore of his soul, my soul, your soul...hide here, rest here, breathe here. Jesus is here, now.  Seek him, now.  

     Psalms, I think, are David's diary.  And, for that matter, Jesus' diary.  Sometimes I feel like I'm intruding into their private moments as I read of their struggles, their processes, their triumphs. But I'm awfully glad that they left the book open when they left the room.

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The Grace-Filled Artist: First Steps



Looking back at the first steps of a new project...

Here I am on the first day.  After toning the canvas in a warm orange, I'm making the first strokes of the sky.  Since most of the painting will be green grasses and blue skies, a little complementary color peeking through here and there seems to make things interesting.



I think this is from the second day, as I am

laying in the main components of the painting.


So this is how the painting began.  

     I am now in the final stages of this work, almost ready for my client to see the finished product. I surely hope its owners enjoy gazing at the trees and fields, stirring up memories, traveling around in the imagery of their family farm.  I hope I have created a Moment Of Serenity with this landscape.  

     Next time, the finished product, "The Beekeeper's Farm".

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The Grace-full Artist: Breathing.



     I'm nearing the completion of my painting, "The Beekeeper's Farm", and here's a shot Jan took of me as we hiked the land last summer at the beginning of the process.

     Jan and I went down while my client and her husband (the gentleman for whom this will be a surprise, if he stays true to form and never goes near the internet!) were out of town.  It was my opportunity to take more reference photos, also an opportunity for us to each do some deep-breathing exercises.  We were glad for the break, realizing this would be the extent of our summer getaway for the time being.  One evening, together, sitting in the country quiet.  

     The sun's downing was beautiful, casting long shadows across the fields, bathing everything in warm gold.  So we walked those fields, I took my pictures, then we did what I enjoy most: spend time together.  Yes, the mountains, or the ocean, or the lakes or the coast of Spain would have been nice.  This year, none of those options were going to work.  But that summer evening was special, and needed, and I'm grateful.

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The Grace-full Artist

     There is a line in a song my friend sings (don't know who wrote it, sorry): the line says, "No mortal man would dare to stand before Your throne/Before the Holy One of heaven". The holiness of God is an awesome consuming fire.  He cannot compromise His perfection.  But neither does he compromise his love for us.  It is so easy to buy into the lie that God is trying to keep us out of heaven, when in fact He took the most drastic step, the only way possible, of getting us in!  Would you give up your only child to death to make a way for me to enter into glory?  In all likelihood we don't know each other.  The Bible says "while we were yet sinners Christ died for the ungodly".  I can't comprehend that kind of love.  I will never ever comprehend that kind of love, nor will I ever be worthy of it.  I can only accept the unspeakable gift and worship the One who gave it to me.  Thank you, Jesus, for your astonishing mercy in my life.

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"What's Your Favorite Season?" from The Graceful Artist

Camp Springs Vineyard (oil on panel, 9" x 12") summer, 2013

Autumn's colors, Winter's snow, Spring's refreshing, Summer's glow.

     I admit it.  Fall beats 'em all, for me.  The smell of the leaves (yes, I still occasionally grab a fistful and push them right up into my face to breathe in that wonderful, musty aroma...and I love those green chestnuts, too); the flames of color, even along the highways in town; the low early evening sunlight, crisp evening air, and...and the sound of a high school football game just blocks away on a Friday night.  Plus, I met Jan in the fall.

     But then, I've come to enjoy Spring in Cincinnati, for here there seem to be more flowering trees through the neighborhoods and woods, and before the greens come the brights and the pastels: red buds, branford pears and forsythia tumbing over each other to get my attention. Jan loves the summer time...we both spent childhood summers near water.  Give me a lake and I'm in total agreement with her. Don't know how long I'd last on a slalom without some pre-flight exercise, but it'd be worth a try.  And I still love winter, even though I catch meself gettin' cranky because it's just inconvenient to get around, sometimes.  Winter was great in Dowagiac, my home town.  The world could come to a standstill and you were okay 'cause you could still walk anywhere (or catch a ride on a bumper, but that's another story).

     So what's your favorite season? Let's see which of the four comes out on top!

     Before I'm through, I'll paint them all, God willing, many times over.

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Camp Springs Vineyard

I can still feel the summer breeze as I painted this lovely scene overlooking the Kentucky hills.  A "Moment Of Serenity"

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The Graceful Artist

     A good day yesterday, as "The Beekeeper's Farm" continues to take form upon my canvas.  This is a larger work than the paintings I've produced recently, although I've painted many murals over the years, whole rooms full of characters and scenery.  

     Several years ago I painted a commissioned double portrait...actually a quadruple portrait, now that I think of it:  Two boys, two dogs, playing and looking for neat stuff in the middle of a small stream behind their home.  That was a good-sized painting, actually bigger than The Beekeeper.  It also takes the viewer outside, away from the phones and tablets and gadgets.  Sure, I like them too, but it is awfully nice, now and again, to just look around, now isn't it?

  "Exploring:  The Thompson Boys and Their Dogs"

 (oil on canvas, 40" x 60")

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The Graceful Artist

Beginning "The Beekeeper's Farm"


     "The Beekeeper's Farm" is the working title of a commissioned landscape I've started for a client.  We met when I came to her lovely home to restore some leather furniture.  Many of my commissions have their beginning in the same manner.  While I worked, we talked a bit, and soon the artwork made its way to the surface of the conversation.  When her husband left the room she turned to me with a twinkle in her eye and whispered, "I have an idea for a painting!" Great! There's nothing like being involved in a surprise.  As her plan unfolded I learned that her husband still has his family's farm, a beautiful place in Northern Kentucky's lush, rolling countryside.  A momentous birthday is on the way, and this, she said, would be the perfect gift.  Her husband's hobby is beekeeping (thus the name, and the eventual focal point).  She gave me some dates when they would be out of town, so Jan and I could go down, camera in hand, to take the reference photos.
     I can tell you, this is one of the most peaceful spots we've been to in a while.  I hope to capture that feeling in the painting I will produce. I have come to discover that the landscapes I'm most drawn to somehow provide a moment of serenity...take time, look deeply, and breathe again. This will be my goal, with the present work, and those that follow:  Moments Of Serenity.


Staying In Tune, By Grace.

Daniel Brooks Grove

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