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Daniel Brooks Grove was born in Dowagiac, a town in Southwestern Michigan surrounded by woods and lakes and plenty of places to dream.  Art and music abounded in his world and from his childhood he grew up loving both.  He still treasures the artist's instruction books given to him by his grandparents, and owns some of the beautiful paintings that adorned their homes and inspired him with each visit. He is also a songwriter who plays multiple instruments.  The passions run deep.


Daniel studied music and art at Western Michigan University and San Diego State University, and worked as a freelance illustrator and graphic artist for many years, as well as traveling and doing session work as a musician.


Fresh View Decorative Arts was founded in 1985, as both of Dan's businesses developed: Daniel Grove Fine Art was born as decorative painting and murals led him back to his roots as a portrait artist.  In the meantime he developed Fresh View Leather Restoration, providing award-winning service to businesses and beautiful homes where furniture or leather goods are in need of his craftsmanship. It's interesting to note that many of Daniel's portrait commissions have come through the relationships he has built while fixing someone's leather upholstery!


Daniel and his beautiful wife Jan live in Cincinnati, Ohio.  They have dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ, and have travelled and recorded internationally as part of the worship team of a wonderful  ministry.  Again, the passions run deep.


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